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Legacy Items are Seasonal Items and Gear that gets transferred to the Eternal Realm in Diablo 4 (D4)! Here we provide all the information you'll need to know about Legacy Items!

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What Are Legacy Items

Eternal Realm Items Before Season 4

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Legacy Items are new item types which means that an item belongs to the eternal realm before Season 4. These are items that still use the old item affix system.

Season 4 Guide

Legacy Items Cannot be Tempered

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Since Legacy Items use the old system, they cannot be upgraded and have new affixes be imprinted to them via the Tempering System. Additionally, due to the loot rework, Legacy Items cannot be upgraded since the Blacksmith's features have also been updated.

Legacy Items Cannot be Masterworked

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Likewise, Legacy Items also cannot be upgraded via Masterwork. Since the old gear still uses the old system with the old affixes, these affixes also cannot be upgraded with the Masterwork. This essentially means that all legacy items will be stuck in their current iteration.

List of All Affixes

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