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"Legacy" is a song by American hip hop recording artist Eminem. It is the sixth track on his eighth studio album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013). The song discusses Eminem's dysfunctional childhood. The song was produced by American record producer Emile Haynie and written by Eminem, Polina Goudieva, David Brook, and Emile Haynie. The song features additional vocals from Russian singer-songwriter Polina. "Legacy" was met with generally positive reviews from music critics upon the album's release. The song has since peaked at number 44 on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. "Legacy" became one of the official theme songs of WrestleMania XXX.more »


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Tell me where to go, tell me what to doI'll be right there for youTell me what to say, no matter if it's trueI'll say it all for youI used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is fallingWhy am I so differently wired? Am I a martian?What kind of twisted experiment am I involved inBecause I don't belong in this worldThat’s why I'm scoffing at authority, defying oftenFlying off at the handle with my mom, no dadSo I’m non complying at home, at school I’m just shy and awkwardAnd no I don’t need no goddamn psychologistTrynna diagnose why I have all these underlying problemsThinking he can try and solve themI’m outside chalking up drawings on the sidewalkAnd in the front drive talking to myselfEither that or inside hiding often to going somewhere quietTrying not to be noticed because I'm crying and sobbingI had a bad day at school so I ain't talkingSome c***sucker shoved me into a f***ing lockerAnd he said that I eyeballed himAnd if you fall, I'll get you thereI'll be your savior fromAll the wars that are foughtInside your worldPlease have faith in my words'Cause this is my legacy, legacy, hereThis is my legacy, legacy, hereThere’s no guarantee, it’s not up to me, you can only seeThis is my legacy, legacyLegacy, legacyI used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is fallingWhy am I so differently wired in my nogging?'Cause sporadic as my thoughts come, it's mind boggling'Cause I obsess on everything and my mind is small s***Bothers me but now my father, he said sayonara and then splitBut I don’t give a s*** I'm fine as long asThere's batteries in my Walkman nothing is the matter with meS*** look at the bright side at least I ain’t walkingI bike ride through the neighborhood of my apartmentComplex on a ten speed which I've acquired parts that IFound in the garbage, a frame and put tires on itHeadphones on, straight ahead and kids tryin to start s***But if this is all there is for me life offersWhy bother even try and put up a fight, it's nonsenseBut I think a light bulb just lit up in my conscienceWhat about those rhymes I've been jottin'They are kinda giving me confidenceInstead of tryina escape through my comics,Why don't I just blast a little something like OnyxTo put me in the mood to wanna fight and write songs thatSay what I wanna say to the kid that said that I eyeballed himGrab hold of my balls like that's right fight's on b****Who would've knew from the moment I turned the mic onI could be iconic, and my conquest isIs word to Phife Dawg from a Tribe Called QuestThis is my legacy, legacy, hereThis is my legacy, legacy, hereThere’s no guarantee, it’s not up to me, you can only seeThis is my legacy, legacyLegacy, legacyI used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky is fallingNow I think the fact that I'm differently wired's awesome'Cause if I wasn't I wouldn't be able to workWords like this and connect lines like crosswordsAnd use my enemy's words as strengthTo try and draw from, and get inspired off em'Cause all my life I was told and taught I am not s***By you wack f***ing giant sacks of lying dog s***Now you shut up b****, I am talkingThought I was full of horses*** and nowYou f***ing worship the ground in which I am walkingMe against the world so what? I'm Brian DawkinsVersus the whole 0 and 16 Lions offenseSo bring on the Giants Falcons and Miami DolphinsIt's the body bag game b**** I'm supplying coffins'Cause you dicks, butt kiss, a bunch of Brian BaldingersYou gon die a ball licker I've been diabolicalWith this dialogue since 99 RawkusYou don't respect the legacy I leave behind y'all canSuck a dick, the day you beat me pigs'll fly out my a**And a flying saucer full of Italian sausageThe most high exalting and I ain't haltingTill I die of exhaustion inhale my exhaust fumesThe best part about me is I am not youI am me, I'm a fire marshall and this is myLegacy, legacy, hereThis is my legacy, legacy, hereThere’s no guarantee, it’s not up to me, you can only seeThis is my legacy, legacyLegacy, legacy

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), known professionally as Eminem (/ˌɛmɪˈnɛm/; often stylized as EMINƎM), is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, record executive, and actor. He is consistently cited as one of the greatest and most influential artists of all time in any genre, with Rolling Stone ranking him 83rd on its list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time and labelling him the "King of Hip Hop". He will often be called " Slim Shady" at times. He has gotten into quite some rap battles against MGK, ( Machine Gun Kelly) Snoop Dog, etc. more »

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Written by: Polina Goudieva, David Brook, Emile Haynie, Marshall Mathers

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15 facts about this song

Song Theme

"Legacy" showcases the tumultuous life stages of Eminem, whereby he embraces adversity and accepts his personal struggles as part of his legacy.

Album Inclusion

The track is included in Eminem's eighth studio album, "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," which was released on November 5, 2013.

Song Collaborators

The song features Polina Goudieva, a Russian-born singer who is better known by her stage name, Polina. Her vocals appear in the chorus.

Musical Composition

Unlike many other Eminem songs, "Legacy" utilizes a continuous loop of piano notes and a hushed beat in the background, thereby providing a soft musical foundation for his poignant lyrics.

Song Production

The song was co-produced by Emile Haynie, a Grammy-award winning producer known for his work with other iconic artists like Lana Del Rey and Bruno Mars, among others.


The lyrics of "Legacy" reveal Eminem's struggles with feelings of alienation during his childhood and how he channeled those feelings into his music, ultimately embracing his individuality.

Sporting Event

The song gained additional fame after it was used as the intro music for WWE's WrestleMania XXX in 2014.

Tracklist Position

On the album's tracklist, "Legacy" is placed between "So Much Better" and "Asshole", and is the fifth song on the album.

Song Length

The duration of the "Legacy" track is 4:56, and it's one of the lengthier offerings on "The Marshall Mathers LP 2".


"Legacy" earned high praise from critics, with many applauding Eminem's introspective lyrics and vulnerability, which is often absent from mainstream rap.

Eminem's Personal Influence

Across the song, Eminem refers to the challenges he faced due to his mentally ill mother and his coping mechanism of slipping into an alter ego (Slim Shady) to protect himself.

Music Video

No official music video was made for "Legacy." Despite this, it is still recognized as one of the standout tracks on “The Marshall Mathers LP 2."

Focusing On The Past

The song provides an insight into Eminem’s early life, contrasting with the majority of tracks on “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” which discuss his present or his hopeful future.

Song Narrative

The song is narrated from three different perspectives of Eminem's life - his childhood, his rise to fame, and his present-day self.


The song reveals how Eminem used to write rhymes as a kid as a form of escapism from his harsh reality, a practice which later paved the way for his success.

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Eminem - Legacy Lyrics | Lyrics.com (2024)


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